How to Make a Macrame Bag?

Macrame handbags are an increasingly popular trend in the fashion world. Not only are they beautiful and original, but they are also durable and environmentally friendly. If you are passionate about macrame and want to add a new handbag to your collection, this article is for you. We will explain how to make a macrame handbag step by step.

Necessary material :

  • 5 to 6 spools of macrame cord
  • 2 macrame rings
  • scissors
  • A tape measure
  • A support for your macrame purse (we recommend using a canvas bag support to hold it in place while you work)

Step 1: Prepare your rope

To make your macrame handbag, you will need quality macrame rope. Cut your rope into equal lengths to create the sections that will make up your bag. You can use a single rope color or mix several colors for a more original effect.

Step 2: Create the base of your bag

Start by taking two sections of rope and folding them in half. Thread the ends of these sections through a macrame ring and tie them securely. You can now start weaving the rope sections together using overhand knots. Repeat this step to create a second identical base.

Step 3: Create the sides of your bag

To create the sides of your bag, you'll need to weave the remaining rope sections around the bases you created in the previous step. Use square knots to weave the rope diagonally, alternating colors to create a unique pattern. When you reach the desired height, you can finish your work with overhand knots.

Step 4: Join the sides of the bag

Once you have created the two sides of your bag, you can join them together using a weaving technique. Use square knots to tie the two sides together creating an invisible seam that blends into the pattern of the bag. Keep weaving until the two sides are securely attached to each other.

Step 5: Create the bag handles

To create the handles for your bag, you can use the leftover sections of macrame rope. Cut two sections of the same length and fold them in half. Tie the ends together with overhand knots to create a loop. Secure each handle to your bag using overhand knots.

Step 6: Finishes

Once you have finished weaving your macrame handbag, you can personalize it by adding decorative elements such as beads, feathers or pom poms. You can also cut the ends of your cord into fringes for a more bohemian chic effect.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until your bag reaches the desired size. You can also add fringe to the base of your bag if you wish.

Step 7: Closing the bag

To close the bag, fold the top of the bag inwards and tie it using the strings on each side of the bag. You can also add a zipper or a button if you wish.

Step 8: Adding the Handles

To add handles to your bag, take two lengths of macrame cord of the same length. Pass one end of each rope through the top knots on either side of your bag and tie them securely. Repeat on the other side to add the second handle.

There you go, your macrame handbag is ready! You can personalize your bag by adding beads, fringes or even leather decorations. Use it as a casual handbag or to carry your macrame supplies.

Tips for making a macrame handbag:

  • Be sure to use sturdy and durable macrame yarn to keep your bag strong and strong.
  • Feel free to personalize your bag by adding decorative elements such as beads, fringes or leather decorations.
  • If you need help tying the knots, look for tutorials online or ask a friend who is familiar with macrame for help.
  • Try not to overtighten the knots so that your bag does not deform and retains its original shape.
  • If you want to add a liner to your bag, carefully measure the dimensions of your bag before sewing the liner to make sure it fits perfectly.

Making a macrame handbag is a fun and creative project that can be done by macrame beginners. Follow these simple steps to create your own unique and practical bag. You can also personalize your bag by adding decorative elements to make it even more special. Have fun and be creative!

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