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    Macrame is back and it's here to stay! This technique of weaving rope or cotton thread has seen increasing popularity in recent years in interior design, especially in bohemian and Scandinavian styles. It's no wonder, because macrame offers a unique combination of finesse, texture and lightness , which can transform any room into an inviting and comfortable space.

    Macramé is an undeniable piece of Bohemian Chic decor

    Although this technique dates back thousands of years, it remained in the shadows for a long time before making a noticeable comeback in the 2010s. Today, macrame has become a key element in wall decoration , adding a touch authentic and warm to any interior.

    There's nothing quite like the feeling of being at home, and macrame decoration provides precisely that cozy and comforting vibe that we all crave. If you're looking to create a haven in your home , look no further than the wonders of macrame. Give your interior a touch of modern bohemian style by using this timeless technique to create a unique and welcoming wall decoration.

    Wall macrame: bohemian craftsmanship that sublimates your interior decoration

    If you are a fan of bohemian decoration and you love using natural materials to embellish your interior, then you cannot miss the wall macrame. This must-have piece is growing in popularity and it's easy to see why.

    The wall macrame is the result of a thousand-year-old artisanal textile technique which consists of weaving cotton threads and wood to create artistic knots. It is a true work of craftsmanship which gives rise to elegant and refined creations. But what makes macrame wall hanging so attractive is its texture and natural colors that bring a warm and captivating touch to any room.

    Imagine a beige macrame wall hanging in your bedroom or living room, creating a boho chic and welcoming vibe. This is the kind of decoration that inspires inner peace and daily well-being.

    Our wall macrame collection is entirely handmade, which guarantees remarkable authenticity. Each piece is unique and reflects the art and craftsmanship of passionate creators.

    Although often associated with the bohemian trend, wall macrame is very diverse and can be adapted to different styles and aspects. It offers endless possibilities of shapes, ranging from Nordic symmetry to more organic shapes specific to the bohemian style. Some macrames feature printed patterns inspired by ethnic or Scandinavian style.

    In addition to the cotton thread, the wall macrame can be embellished with feathers, beads or pompoms, which give it an additional charm. And for those who like warm and natural colors, the wall macrame can also be tinted.

    In short, wall macrame is the bohemian craft that sublimates your interior decoration. Don't wait any longer to offer yourself a unique piece that will bring a touch of authenticity and warmth to your home.

    Wall macrame, this sublime artisanal art that is on the rise, has become a must in bohemian interiors and natural-style decors. The subtle marriage of materials such as cotton, wood, jute or even rattan brings a touch of authenticity to your interior. And to enhance this natural effect, there's nothing like a macrame wall hanging.

    Whether for the elegance of its symmetrical weaves, its natural colors or the unique texture of its different knots, the macrame wall hanging will amaze your eyes and captivate your soul. There is nothing more comforting and warm than a wall macrame in a room. Suspended in your living room or bedroom, it will bring a boho chic and pleasant touch to your interior.

    Our wall macrames are handmade, thus offering a remarkable authenticity to your wall decoration. You can be sure that each piece is one of a kind. The wall macrame adapts to all styles of decoration, whether you are more bohemian, ethnic or Scandinavian. With its cotton braiding and its inserts such as feathers, pearls or even pompoms, the wall macrame adapts to your tastes and your desires.

    Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in a harmonious and refined decor by opting for a macrame wall decoration. Whether you prefer beige or ecru hues, or whether you opt for bright and warm colors, the macrame wall hanging will enhance your interior. Do not hesitate any longer and create your own oasis of peace and serenity thanks to a warm and authentic macrame wall decoration.

    A large selection of Macramé wall hangings

    If you are looking for ideas to decorate your home with passion and craftsmanship, our shop offers you a wide selection of wall macrame. Whether you prefer a bohemian, cocooning or natural atmosphere, you will find unique and original creations to enhance your interior.

    Opt for the feather wall macrame to bring a touch of softness and lightness to your decoration. If you prefer colors, our collection of colorful wall macrames will delight you with its plain, gradient or demarcated tones. You can even play on the reminder of colors by combining your furniture or your textiles for a harmonious result.

    For a more daring decoration, the giant wall macrame is ideal to give character and dimension to your bohemian interior. Our collection of large macrame wall tapestries is also perfect for enhancing your bedroom decor in a coveted bohemian style.

    If you are looking for something different, the round wall macrame is very popular in bohemian decoration. Or, if you prefer a more modern and elegant touch, the black wall macrame breaks the codes and brings a touch of contrast.

    Finally, our collection of macrame wall tapestries offers a contemporary and minimalist alternative to bohemian wall decor. With cotton inserts to give relief and texture, these colorful wall tapestries will warm up your boho chic interior with a touch of originality.

    Macrame wall weaving is an art!

    It is clear that there is a wide variety of macrame wall hangings available in different sizes, colors and styles. Macrame is a constantly evolving art, offering a rich wall decoration thanks to its materials, ropes of variable diameter, cotton threads of different colors, types of knots and patterns. This type of wall art offers endless variations that can adapt to all styles of interior decoration, whether it is a bohemian decor, a hippie-chic, ethnic or Scandinavian style. Adding a wall macrame to your home can bring a touch of softness and lightness, while completely transforming a room, from the bedroom to the living room. In addition to being decorative, wall macrame can also contribute to your well-being by creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. By mixing wood and cotton, you can sublimate the wall of your choice.

    Here's how to highlight your Macramé wall decoration?

    The ultimate tip for choosing the perfect location for your macrame wall tapestry is that it's important to place it somewhere visible. Like a painting or a work of art, and suspend it slightly above your line of sight for a warm and authentic style. If you want to hang it in a bedroom, it can be used as a headboard, and in a living room, it can be placed on a large and visible section of the wall to take full advantage of its visual effect. If you want to hang your macrame wall tapestry outside or in a garden for a bohemian event, it's totally possible, but you have to be careful with the weather and bad weather. Be creative and choose the wall creation that will enhance your moments spent with friends and family.

    Here is the technique to hang your wall macrame!

    To hang your wall macrame, it is usually attached to a wooden support. Finding the perfect location all depends on the size and type of macrame you want to hang. For large macrames, it is recommended to place them at eye level in your living room or as a headboard in your bedroom. For the little ones, you have more flexibility and can hang them just above a piece of furniture or your desk.

    There are two options for attaching your macrame to the wall. You can either lay the wooden stand on two wall ties located at each end, or use a tether rope connected to both ends of the stand to hang it from a single wall tie. We recommend using low-profile, white-colored wall ties, rather than drilling holes in your wall.

    If your wall macrame does not have a wooden support, you can find a selection of wooden supports on our online store to hang your macrame.

    You can opt for the complete realization of your own wall macrame

    Of course you can find on our blog, where we provide you with tutorials to help you make your own wall macrame. We also offer the sale of all the necessary materials for the creation of wall macrame for all levels, so that you can express your creativity and get started in this activity. Don't delay in getting started!

    There is still much to discover!

    Besides, if you are looking for another piece of wall decoration, we also offer you a collection of macrame dream catchers . These handcrafted creations in cotton thread and feathers are perfect for adding a touch of spirituality and poetry to your interior. Let yourself be transported into a dreamlike universe and let your mind wander with these unique dream catchers.

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