Macrame Basket

The handmade macrame basket adds a natural, bohemian touch to any room. It is a functional and elegant piece that can be used to store personal items or a pot and a plant.

Macrame baskets are the perfect example of a bohemian style storage item

Macrame and wicker furniture offer a more attractive alternative to more conventional furniture. Originally considered a humble material, wicker is now used in many bohemian homes thanks to its gradual emancipation.

The wicker basket is also an alternative is a versatile decorative and practical object. It can hold linens and books, as well as indoor plants and their pots. It can also be used to store items in other rooms of the house.

In this collection you will find macrame baskets that are both elegant and refined thanks to bohemian decoration. It offers a unique style that mixes and associates natural materials for a harmonious and delicate marriage. Its inclusion of cotton and wicker gives the space a warm and cozy feel.

We offer different sizes of macrame basket

Large or small, you need a specific basket to meet your needs. Ideally, choose a macrame basket large enough to accommodate a large living room plant. When you're only looking to add minimal decor, choose a small macrame basket instead.

Macrame baskets aligned side by side offer a harmonious decoration in your interior. You can buy several baskets of different sizes for this purpose. An attractive display can also be created with just two baskets of the same model.

Hanging macrame baskets for your fresh fruit

Macrame hanging baskets and fruit baskets are also available. Macrame is suitable for kitchen storage and decoration because it does not look like wicker. Fresh produce can be displayed more realistically with its hanging style.

Our macrame baskets are unique and handmade

Macrame baskets are made from natural wicker materials; each is assembled by hand from cotton yarn. These crafts are extremely precise and laborious processes. Making a basket requires using quality materials that last. This process creates a visually stunning and durable basket with an authentic aesthetic. It can turn any room into a unique and beautiful decorative piece.

Even more macrame decoration with our macrame paper holders

If you are looking for an accessory that is both practical and aesthetic for your toilet then our collection of macrame toilet paper holders is made for you. Handcrafted with quality materials, these paper roll holders add a touch of charm to your restroom. For office toilets or for your home, our macrame paper holders for your toilet are designed for a refined decoration. Discover this collection now and let yourself be seduced by the bohemian chic style of our unique creations.

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