Macrame Keychain

    The macrame keychain is one of the trendiest fashion accessories of the moment. Whether you hang it on your bunch of keys or your handbag, this accessory goes with you everywhere. It has become a must-have to add a touch of charm and elegance to your bohemian style. Opt for a macrame cotton keychain to bring lightness to your outfit and make a splash. In addition, it is a great gift idea for lovers of bohemian style.

    Adding a touch of texture and delicacy to your style, the macrame keychain is ideal for completing your boho chic look. It allows you to fully express your bohemian state of mind, which advocates freedom, emancipation and self-confidence. You won't be able to do without these adorable creations that bring a feeling of softness and lightness. So if you are in love with the bohemian style, our macrame keychains are the fashion accessory for you.

    The macrame keychain is the ideal object to add a bohemian touch to your look. Although its primary function is as a keychain, it can also be used to embellish your bag by adding a subtle hippie-chic touch that reveals your love for macrame. All in finesse and lightness, the macrame keychain is a perfect bohemian accessory to complete your outfits.

    The macrame keychain is the perfect accessory to add texture and detail to your bohemian outfits without overdoing it. To show off your keychain, pair it with an understated bag in pastel colors and minimally decorated to make it stand out from your outfit. Our macrame keychain is handmade in our workshops with 100% natural cotton, as well as natural stones to decorate it.

    In addition to being a practical accessory to store your keys, the key holder is also used for its aesthetic appearance. It is considered a fashion accessory in its own right that allows you to personalize your look. Bohemians in particular are fond of the macrame keychain to embellish their handbag and add a touch of charm and elegance. The macrame keychain is ideal for zipping up your bags, which will make your life easier while showing your love for macrame.

    The key ring is not only a simple accessory, it is also very practical for your key ring. Not only does it allow you to customize your keychain to your liking by adding a touch of unique style, but it also reduces the risk of losing your keys by giving your keychain more volume. This will make it easier to find them in your bag or clothes, an often overlooked trick.

    The feather-shaped macrame keychain is a light and delicate accessory, perfect for adding a bohemian touch to your bag or key ring. Choose your favorite color to match your wardrobe.

    The pearl macramé keychain is a chic and refined choice thanks to the combination of cotton and natural wooden beads. The different combinations of materials offer a unique and elegant result, suitable for all uses.

    The macrame rainbow keychain is a colorful accessory that will light up your style. Used to decorate your interior or as an original addition to your outfit, it is available in a variety of colors to suit all tastes. It can also be given as a perfect gift for a friend or loved one on any occasion.

    How to make a macrame keychain?

    1. Choose the type of yarn you want to use. Cotton cord is a common choice for beginners, but you can also use nylon thread, waxed thread, or cord.
    2. Choose the beads or other decorative elements you want to add to your keychain.
    3. Cut the wire to the desired length, depending on the size of your key ring.
    4. Fold the yarn in half and tie a knot about 1 cm from the fold. This will form a loop which will be used to attach your key ring.
    5. Start making square knots or spiral knots to form the body of the keychain. You can use beads to add a splash of color and texture.
    6. When you reach the desired length for your keychain, tie a strong knot to complete the job.

    To find the material needed to make your macrame keychain, you can go to our online store. We offer a wide selection of lanyards, beads and accessories to help you create your own personalized keychain. Feel free to browse our catalog to find the inspiration and supplies needed for your next macrame project.

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