Macrame rug

Rugged and bohemian, a rug accented with a looped cotton rope is a must-have in any home. This style of rug is popular with people who love ethnic and bohemian aesthetics. Additionally, rope rugs help add aesthetic appeal to bedrooms, while providing comfort for the soles of the feet.

Ethnic bohemian decor with a macrame rug.
Whether you decide to place a rug in the middle of your living room or on the bedside rug, your rug is the only decorative element you can use to decorate the floors of your home. Extra comfort thanks to the texture and relief, rugs are essential pieces of interior decoration. No matter what material the flooring is made of, you will always end up choosing a rug that matches your interior by tying macrame yarn into a loop rug. There are many different styles and colors, which makes it easy to decide once you've seen it.

Bright and ethnic, rectangular macrame rugs stand out from traditional designs thanks to their unique and original style. They offer the possibility of personalizing your interior by creating a more welcoming space than traditional rugs. A unique charm thanks to its yokes in rope and macrame cotton thread, like pompoms or fringes. This floor decor is a perfect pick for any space; don't wait to get it!

Which rope rug to choose?
To make our rugs, we use hand-woven cotton and linen yarns. Each rug incorporates macrame cotton cord inserts such as pompoms or fringes.

A macrame rug in the shape of a perfect circle.
The popularity of round rugs and rugs can be seen as a symbol of balance and completion for bohemians. The rug and the mirror work together to increase the aesthetics and functionality of a room. When you travel with the round macrame mat, it is best to fold it up and put it in a luggage or backpack. When unfolded, it looks great in any room. Including it in a living room under the coffee table works just as well as placing it in a bedroom near the mirror or in the closet.

A macrame rug with rectangular edges.
Any type of decoration can be made on this rug thanks to its structuring qualities. This is the most commonly used mat variant. The rug is suitable for any room in the house, including bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. It is a highly sought after item due to its varied patterns and colors. The rectangular macrame rug is a popular choice among shoppers; it works well in almost any room.

A beige macrame woven rug.
By combining macrame weaving with your rug, you can create a bohemian aesthetic. Combining the beige macrame rug with this aesthetic proves to be a great choice for the clean-minded bohemian. Incorporate the softness and comfort of the material by using natural materials in your rug design. Take full advantage of the macrame material of rope by incorporating colors and patterns into your creation. Additionally, use the off-white or off-white color of the rope to give a comfortable and soft feel to your aesthetic.

A Berber rug woven with macrame techniques.
Berber carpet is a popular choice for bohemian-style interiors. It is a must have for any home as it is the center of many latest interior trends. The rug has geometric patterns and is made of a rich material that is very comfortable to walk on and carpet underfoot. In addition, it has a texture that is very popular with many owners. Macrame looks great with Berber rugs. Its ends can be adorned with macrame rope pom poms to create a unique and eye-catching piece. Many boho style lovers will love this look.

Which color should I choose for my macramé rug in the shape of a sphere?
Macrame rugs come in a variety of patterns and colors, but choosing one in particular can be tricky. They come in a circular shape and seem to have a natural charm. It adds personality to any room that has one, making it ideal for the center of a space. Anywhere else in the house, from the living room to the entryway, an oval or round rug can do the trick.

A suitable ethnic interior needs a floor that combines both circular and asymmetrical patterns. For a bohemian decor, opt for a rug with straight geometric patterns. You can also add a circle decorated with macrame patterns. This complements any preferences you might have when choosing colors for your walls and furniture.

Brown and beige decorations in your home can balance out the bright colors of your other furniture. Carpeting can be a great way to add that bohemian look to any rug. Many people choose to use a macrame rug instead of a traditional woven pattern. This is because the cotton thread and leather cord used in macrame make the finished product more appealing.

We use macrame cotton rugs as floor coverings.
Our rugs are made with cotton canvas fabric and natural rope. Handcrafted, macrame cotton yarn is a durable, natural material used in these elegant home accents. Free shipping is available on all of our rug purchases; just look for the free shipping option.

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